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We are a dedicated team of tech-commercial lawyers, acting for businesses on their strategic contracts and provide with daily support and know-how tools. Experienced lawyers with strong tech knowledge manage legal risks and seize new opportunities offered by the transformational impact of the new technologies breakthroughs.

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Privacy. Data protection. Cybersecurity law.

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Today’s conversion of the global economy to an internet-driven model is also challenging the privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity laws and regulations.

Our goal of advancing education and personalization of information-sharing is to improve the safety of our society, our ability to be smart, and improve the lives and communities we are part of.

Our team will review legislation, regulatory, and technical policy, as well as make decisions about appropriate legislation affecting your company and your customers, including the use of the Internet technology and your service provider’s systems.

Taking a look at the emerging technologies and the speed of digital transformation, ensuring compliance on privacy and data protection is more challenging than it has ever been. There is a range of new technologies which are on the verge of becoming mainstream and we are particularly interested in what is happening as we try to address the challenges. Protecting (non-) personal data and privacy interests in an AI-driven society requires a change in the paradigm of regulation, but, for now, understanding privacy and data protection best practices is a tool that every business should use.

That is why we will be focusing on helping businesses adopt new technologies to improve compliance at every stage of their business. As always, we are seeking partnerships and relationships across companies to provide solutions to ensure the efficiency of their business processes and to address their changing needs. Our approach is to reconcile business innovation while promoting data subjects’ rights and privacy. That said, there are many reasons to consider this idea because it’s essentially an attempt to encourage people to pay attention to their own business models and actions while working towards becoming a more informed member of the ecosystem. As these models are built on top of the existing data security standards, it’s clear this approach is only working for some companies. Our work is about creativity and progress.


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