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We are a dedicated team of tech-commercial lawyers, acting for businesses on their strategic contracts and provide with daily support and know-how tools. Experienced lawyers with strong tech knowledge manage legal risks and seize new opportunities offered by the transformational impact of the new technologies breakthroughs.

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We respond to a broad range of intellectual property and technology issues related to patent, copyright, and trademark infringement, including licensing and IP commercialization, internal data storage, and outsourcing agreements.

Our IP specialists prevent and protect businesses’ IP infringements and enable companies to maximise benefits from new technological ideas. After years of developing best practices on how to manage IP effectively as a business asset, our office supports clients in extracting value from IP management and grow their businesses.

We provide you with tools and services that are designed to empower you to do whatever your business aims. Whether you’re designing a company website for business or launching a crowdfunding project or selling your ideas on Amazon, we have the tools and services you need.

As we believe in continuous professional education, our lawyers have completed two programs organised by the World Intellectual Property Academy (WIPO): “General Course on Intellectual Property” and “Advanced Course on Software Licensing Including Open Source”.


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