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We are a dedicated team of tech-commercial lawyers, acting for businesses on their strategic contracts and provide with daily support and know-how tools. Experienced lawyers with strong tech knowledge manage legal risks and seize new opportunities offered by the transformational impact of the new technologies breakthroughs.

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Environmental Law

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We have lawyers with expertise in environmental compliance, that work with entrepreneurs and non-profits developing “green projects” through digital and innovative tools, driving businesses towards sustainable development achievements.

We support environmentally conscious solutions that can lead to sustainable, sustainable growth in the real world, and we support initiatives that can grow our community. Together, we create sustainable economic solutions focused on developing and operating green development activities in Romania and globally.

We are partners of the “Laboratorul verde” NGO from Iasi, carrying out activities within sustainable development by promoting the principles of the circular economy, environmental protection and, human health.

One of our projects is this initiative promoting good practices for reducing the amount of packaging waste and offering ecological alternatives within the community of local producers of Iasi.

Also, Lorena-Elena Stanescu is a member of the European Environmental Forum.

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