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We are a dedicated team of tech-commercial lawyers, acting for businesses on their strategic contracts and provide with daily support and know-how tools. Experienced lawyers with strong tech knowledge manage legal risks and seize new opportunities offered by the transformational impact of the new technologies breakthroughs.

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Practice areas

We focus on developing a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses which helps us to be able to develop creative and rich solutions that can protect their companies and enhance their success.  That’s why we believe that it is vitally important to have expert support for all our clients.

Therefore, we are prepared to offer a representation of start-up retail business from inception through franchising, to negotiate facilities management agreements or project management agreements, and, last but not least, to prepare the standard form contracts the clients need with customers, clients, and suppliers. We have provided information on various steps to set up a business and are well prepared with all services required.

What is working against you?

If you have any questions about a certain idea or are interested in a recent client, you will find our team here. We are always looking to help others find the best and brightest solutions.


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