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We are a dedicated team of tech-commercial lawyers, acting for businesses on their strategic contracts and provide with daily support and know-how tools. Experienced lawyers with strong tech knowledge manage legal risks and seize new opportunities offered by the transformational impact of the new technologies breakthroughs.

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At our office, we have gathered a community of blockchain enthusiasts by working with suppliers of blockchain technologies and cryptoassets as well as with consumers. We are working in collaboration with our clients to create simple and affordable solutions to their needs, using the best possible tools and resources and in compliance with the legal and regulatory framework.

Our team is ready to advise and answer on a variety of issues from technology contracts, token sales and exchange listings, compliance with data protection and privacy rules, open-source software exploitation, AML, and KYC, to tax issues, fraud, and white collar crime. We are here for the change and really excited about how we can help clients apply blockchain skills and knowledge for the better.

We believe that blockchain technology is an opportunity that is at the core of many new services and projects – not just in the digital space, but in our own business.


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